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The snaps work very well and hold together very well, they are made of two parts, a male and a female part. I made a mistake and sewed the first female snap on the wrong way around which meant the thread was sandwiched between both sections.
On the next one I turned the female one around and now there is a small gap between both sides so that you do not have to press them together with the thread caught between them.
I think I will have to revisit the idea of snaps...after looking around the web, there are infinite options. Who knew? lol

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I have velcro on my quilts.

On my sock I used a lacing system that may interest you. Basically lay a lightweight cord (duck decoy Mason equivalent) along each side, sew a couple of zig zags over the cord every 2 inches or so, then use a thicker cord, parachute, to lace the sides together. Light weight, nothing to snag, easy to tie... cons: it won't be "air tight", and, an extra cord flapping around.
Now that idea has some merit! Thanks