Hi all,

Can anyone name a supplier in the EU that sells a 1.1oz ripstop nylon equivalent at less than 10/m? None of the ones I've looked at have a regular supply in a selection of colours.

Compare that to companies in the US who have branded materials in a choice of colours and in regular supply most not more than $10/yd, not forgetting a good selection of cottage manufacturers and suppliers who offer 1.1oz ripstop in a number of colours and at an attractive price. I'd love to buy from them but the shipping and taxes + duty puts me off. Last time I paid import taxes for a personal item it took me two hours going from desk to desk in a Czech post office.

So here's the deal, I'm likely going to come into a modest amount money in the next few months and am tempted to put my money where my mouth is and source a good quality lightweight ~30-35gsm downproof ripstop nylon in bulk and sell it at around 10/m. Would that interest any of the European members?

Just to be clear, I'd pay up front, pay the import duty and VAT (8% and 20% respectively, Ouch!) then sell it on. Not a group buy, I wouldn't feel comfortable holding onto that much of other people's money considering 1000m is the minimum order for many manufacturers.
It could be a hair brained idea but I thought I'd put it out there to gauge interest. I'm not looking for concrete orders for X metres but more a general "depending on price and quality, yeah I could be interested" to see if it's worth the effort.