I finally got my wife on a shake down hang before the MAHHA in Sept. I built her a basic bridge using Grizz guide and a Blackcat Tarp (which isn't black) as well as some accessories and assorted other stuff. We headed out for a single overnight after dinner and arrived with about an hour of daylight left. She picked out her trees using the guidelines I suggested of minimum span, maximum span and ideal span and selected a span which was squeaky short. It would have done in a pinch but we could have thumbtacked the tarp ends to the trees. She varied her choice and got the tarp hung pretty much by herslef after a demonstration of the tree huggers and figure 9 devices.

I set up my equipment sharing a tree. (It was my usual tree... I knew how to hang that pair.) She was ready to tackle the big bad hammock. I got her roughly set on one end and showed her the way the Bishop's bag sets up. Not sure if I could snakeskin the bridge or not but the BB works fine. She completed the set up and adjusted the tarp for the spreader bars. Then discovered she could not climb into the hammock at the height it was strung. So she lowered it down a bit. After a few attempts at getting the ring buckles to hold, she finally got a solid hang at a height that she could get into and out of.

We loaded her up with a Wally World sleeping bag mod for a UQ topped with a neat sheet for wind break and vapor barrier. My self-inflating pad went inside topped with a synthetic 35 degree sleeping bag. She got her flannel body armor on and was ready for bed a little early than at home but it was dark and getting chilly. That was pretty much the past I saw or heard of her except for snoring until morning.

This morning I got up and checked her set up. The cheap lightweight polypro webbing had stretched but was holding strong. She was barely scraping the ground with the underside of the UQ I rocked her gently to see if she was stuck. Her report was that the tip of her nose was cold... but the rest of her was toasty warm and very comfortable. I think we have a winner here. She used to wake up from the ground with sore hips and pressure points all over her body. She was _never_ warm enuf and stiff and sore. The last time she went camping with me must have been 5 years ago. But this morning she was feeling good.

The peeing in the woods thing is still not her favorite thing in the world. But as it was only one night she didn't see any point in taking the Luggable Loo. So...

I was chilly most of the night. I think some of that was due to the sleep clothes I was wearing. It was a different ensemble than I susally wear, plus I did not have a neat sheet. I'm gonna have to try that and see if it helps. But all in all we passed a good night and she is looking forward to MAHHA. I've got a couple of thing I know I need to replace before then, the webbing being the biggest. I also know she will have a list of things she would like, but she has to think that through first.

This was a keeper. I am grateful for Grizz's guide for the basic Bridge. Now if we could just put a bottom entry on it for the gimp... we might have a real winner.

I just flashed on a "cat flap" on the end cap at the foot end I may have to work on that... hehehe. I need something else to sew now anyway.

Pics will follow.