I am completely new to hammocks. Woke up from my third nights sleep in one this morning. The background is a little annoying, as my girlfriend and I decided to split after 18 years. No chance of getting the house sold in the near future, but we have an annex suitable for living in, and this is where I sleep now.

I always wanted to try sleeping full time in a hammock, as I often suffer from lower back pain when waking up in the morning, and decided that this would be a great time to start hanging. Bought the Parachute Silk Double hammock from handmadehammocks.co.uk.

I used it for daytime naps a couple of days, to get used to get in and out of it, and to adjust the ropes. The first night was bad. I did not sleep more than one hour that whole night, and felt very restricted. But I noticed that my body felt great when I got up in the early morning. No stiffness in my lower back.

The second night was better, with several hours sleep, and still that great feeling in my body when I got up. Did some more adjustments yesterday, and had a great third night. Woke early again, but after many hours sleep, and did not feel tired.

It does take some tries to find the right angle, and I seem to be sliding down towards the foot end during the night, so I still have adjustments to do, and need to experiment more with angle and position, but it works OK for now.

Clearly going from bed to hammock requires some adjustment time, but the feeling of complete relaxation I have every time I get out of my hammock has convinced me that this is the right choice.

Best regards