I have several examples of outdoor gear to look at and a spool of new, labeled T67 size Coats "outdoor UV resistant" thread as a benchmark for thread size and appearance. That Coats thread is multi-ply, but it is very polished --bonded? -- and springy and potentially tangly. No fuzzies whatever.

A few comparisons:

The stitching on a Clark hammock and a Clark tarp both look much heavier than the on-spool T67 (/V69). The stitching on a Warbonnet Blackbird also looks heavier, but not as heavy as the stitching on the Clark hammock and tarp.

The stitching on all hems and seams on a Gossamer Gear pack and on an Arkel (heavy Cordura nylon, nothing UL about it) pack / pannier also look much heavier than the new T67 thread, about what I see on the Clark gear.

Questions: Are those heavier threads V92 weight?
Could they be even heavier, ie V138
Does threading usually look heavier and bulkier after it has been through a commercial sewing machine?
Could I be seeing polyester-cotton blends in some of the other threads?