I recently got to try one of these at the Toronto sports man show. Now I have actually camped on a hammock be for but i have been looking for one for a while.
I am 6'2" and still had room. The extra storage at the head and foot are great. I found it roomy, even enough room for my 6 year old son to come in with me. Where would even be enough room for the two of us to sleep. It was very stable. i was hanging half way out and still had to try to fall out.
There are vent on the canopy that would help with venting and condensation and you can lie on your side and be very comfortable.

There are no guy lines just the two straps that go to the trees and the two poles in side. Everything is attached from what I could see and setup looked like it we as simple as strap it to the trees, connect the interior posts and tighten.

I do agree with the weigh issue, it is too heavy. I wanted to go with a hammock to be lighter. I have an old 3 man apex eureka tent and it weighs 5lbs.