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    Jayfish's intro HF

    I became vert tired of sleeping on the ground in a tent or without. Being an avide freshwater lake fisherman in WA state I began to investigate hammocks as a more comfortable alternative envelop though I have newer slept in one. I use a 12' NuCanoe rigged fully for fishing (lowrance fish finder, Scotty rod holders plus a Bass-Yaks electric motor addition and more) and totally enjoy being alone on almost any lake. I was a recon scout in the US Army and handle the outdoors quite well. I am creative and innovative which spurs me on to keep improving my equipment and survival techniques. I am no going to stay away from cabins, motels and tents when I get my new Mosquito Jungle Hammock.
    I have been extremely impressed by the HF forum with all the helpful info available to our members.
    I grew up in Northeastern Ohio and love the outdoors. I have built several small boats as a hobby. Actually, I build boats better than I do catching fish so far. I can't be underestimated because I am competive with a strong desire to become a good fisherman however long it takes.
    I love people and enjoy helping others with their outdoor endeavors.
    Ideas and modifications for the Mosquito (Tom Caytor) Jungle Hammock are of great interest to me; please contact me anytime!
    Thank you...Jayfish
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