Thought I had this sold but money speaks and turns out it was silent.

Re-listing it

First of all, all the following gear is USED. It could use a good cleaning. I have had many a great sleep in the following system, but am looking to actually make my own gear. This gear is NOT perfect but I believe would be a great buy to grab a great hammock with mods and a great tarp to cover it. What I am selling is the following: A Hennessy expedition It has been to 2qZq for the #3 mod. That is a zipper all the way down the entrance side with 2 sliders. Also I installed a 16 inch Zipper at my right elbow as I am laying on my back. With the 2 zipper mods now it is really easy to adjust an under quilt. Unzip entrance side a foot or so same for left side and reach out and move the quilt. Super Shelter This is the entire super shelter, the foam pad does have a rip in it but it doesn't take away from the insulation, just aesthetics. Over-cover, tested to about 17 degrees outside, toasty warm inside! Silnylon Speer Winter Tarp with extra side pull outs Slight tear in it the size of my pinky. Could be patched with a needle and thread very easily. A Zing it ridge line with a Dutch hook on one end and a Dutch fly on the other. The hammock suspension is an all in one, Tree straps, descending rings and 6' or 8' whoopie slings.(I forget which length) Not sure if I just never figured out how to use it or it is broken, but never had a problem hanging the hammock without tightening up the whoopie slings, just wrapped a few more times or fewer times on the webbing around the tree. Snake skins. The hammock still has the bottom entrance which is great to have for winter or stormy, buttoned down weather. It can all be yours for 225 shipped