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    Noob Insulation Help

    I have asked questions on many threads and have decided to start my own, I use a MSS right now b/c it was cheap and very warm. But would like to save some weight. I need help on a uq/tq combo for 4 season. In summer I would probably just use the uq and a fleece liner but all other seasons I would use both. I was thinking a Winter yeti and a 20 degree top quilt. Either a Golight or Underground quilt. In winter I would add a fleece liner in. What do you think? I live in N.E Ohio winters here can get bad. I want to stay warm in winter but not sweat in summer and only buy one set If I dont have to use the tq in summer that is fine lol. I do not use a pad and dont like them. Or would a full body quilt be better? I have a WBBB 1.1 SL. Thanks ya'll.

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    I can't think of a "one set up 4 season" quilt combo. A winter yeti will be WAY too much in the summer.

    I have a 20 deg TQ/UQ and a 50 deg TQ/UQ that gets me through 4 seasons fairly well.

    Good luck with a one set does it all.

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    What about a a 20 degree set from underground quilts? 20 degree zepplin UQ and 20 degree Flight Jacket TQ?

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    Anyone got suggestions or anything to say about the 20 deg set?

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    Got my answer. Need a winter set and 3 season. Here is the reply email from Paul at Underground Qulits.

    "Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for your interest in UGQ, I've been working hard providing a great product, on time delivery, and great customer service.

    So, your looking for the mytical 4 season quilt setup??? It doesn't exist, just like no one sleeping bag will handle 0* to 80* weather comfortably neither will one set of
    quilts. There will need to be some trade off on one end of the temp range or the other. A set capable of handling 0-10* is going to be way to warm at temps around 45-50*
    and a set to be comfy at 70-80* is going to be very cold at 30*. So, you need something in the middle with maybe a little insurance to help get you to say 15-20* comfy.
    I'd recommend a set of 20* quilts with 1 oz overstuff in TQ and 2 oz in UQ, and draft collars to UQ as well. In warm weather you will need to vent the UQ, i.e. hang lower
    than normal to allow air to slide in between hammock and UQ. TQ can be used as needed in warm weather, cover feet, cover legs, cover lower torso etc.... In winter at the
    cold end and colder you may need to use a UQP or sleep in warmer clothes or sleep with a hot water bottle or one of many other tricks to extend the quilts temp rating

    I'd recommended a setup that favorites temps over 25* assuming that most of your camping is done in warmer weather with an occasional winter trip thrown in. Anyways,
    those are my thoughts and recommedations for you, this won't get you down to 0* without some additional coverage but it will cover the greatest range of temps in a UQ/TQ

    Thanks again, let me know if you have any additional questions....

    Paul - SR1355
    Underground Quilts & Outdoor Gear"

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