I actually have not used them for my quilts, but they work great for lots of things. One use is on the shelf and zipper side of the blackbird.
I took off the stock pull out on the shelf, replaced the cord with smaller cord, put a loop of 1/16 inch shock cord on with a prussic. To pull out the shelf, I have a piece of 1.25 mm Z-line (in yellow for visibility) tied to a Dutch quilt hook. I just hook it to the shock cord prussic and stake out or tie to a rock, shrub, etc. When packing up, I just unhook, wrap up a bit and toss it into the shelf. For the zipper side, I removed the cordage completely and replace it with a loop of light shock cord, that I attach with a girth hitch (to usually only one of the guy out loops, since that usually is enough to keep the mesh off my face) and then use the same set up as the shelf side to guy it out. It is lighter, more useful, more versatile and a lot less "stuff" hanging off my hammock.
Dutch quilt hooks are perfect for this set up: easy to hook and unhook, very light and strong enough for this use an I can most likely use them for other things if I need to. These work much better for me than mitten hooks or minie beaners and should work well when my hands are cold.