I have been lurking and learning for awhile...Lots of great info that saved me countless dollars on purchasing the wrong items. I have read so many posts my head is spinning. I linked to most of Shugs' videos and numerous others. While I am not new to hammocks I am new to hammock camping. It all got started after speng one night in a hammock at my friends house swinging next to Lake Nantahala. Best nights sleep I have had in 10 years! I started a slow progression from tents to hammocks as part of my ultralight pilgrimage. I have dumped a lot of money in a lot of gear I do not use anymore. While I know you cant hammock everywhere I plan on using it where I can. My first "trip" will be a solo recon trip thru the Linville Gorge. In fact, researching the gorge is what really swung me to a hammock, sorry. The purpose of this trip is to scout out for a fishing trip with a buddy planned for later in July.
Anyway, thanks to all of you for sharing years of info to save me from myself!

I ended up starting out with my ENO DN, because I already had it, I purchased the Tadpole tarp from WL, with a SLTRL and an Adj CRL from Opie. I decided on rings based on numerous suggestions but detoured a bit. Replaced ENOS rope and biners with 12" climbing slings and SMG rings coming in at 63 grams. Slings are rated at 23 Kn. For the rest of the suspension I went with 15' of Bluewater 1" Climbing webbing on each end at 41 grams a meter and BD Nuetrino biners. I have already hit the ground once in a friends hammock. Not interested in doing it again. Climbing webbing is rated at 4000#tensile...weakest link now is hammock. Will make that change later. Like everything I have seen about the Lite Owl by WL.

Thanks again guys, see you on the trail...