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    here lately I have come across a number of threads where people are asking questions and remembering relevant threads or posts that may be useful to the OP. however when trying to come up with the threads / posts i can't seem to find them and had never subscribed to them in the first place. the problem is with the search function, seeing as how it disregards all terms less than four letters while many of the most relevant search terms are either three letters or three letter abbreviations. such as searching for 'foot box' it drops the term 'box' and only searches for 'foot' which could refer to foot box, the foot of a hammock, the foot of a top quilt, the foot end of..... so is there a way to search for three letters terms? and if so am i just being that dense and not finding it?

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    You can sort of do it with Google. Like this -

    Google Search Term - footbox

    But the problem with that is the same problem with the internal search engine, and why it drops 3 letter combos. They're simply too common. The term footbox has been used in so many threads that getting the correct results will be hit or miss anyway.

    A better bet is to search for less common or more descriptive terms. 'footbox dimensions' or 'footbox tutorial' are more apt to give you useful results.
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