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Thread: First test

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    First test

    Hit the little patch of woods behind where I live last night for my first night in my new travel hammock double last night...wind was a blowin, temperartures dropped and threat of rain...Not Bad!! A bit apprehensive of course, and no tarp or pad yet..I sleep cold so, only minor discomfort, cold spots, but I need to upgrade my support system due to stretch, sleep was a bit fitfull, but comfortable..I pulled the extra material on the sides over me to help with the wind and need to get a pad for under my knees or between them when on my side...Woke up early and was able to get up easily with a lot less stiffness...I am sure this is a good move for me and will extend my time in the woods by years...This forum helps a lot and even tho I have many years of camping experience I am new to hammock camping...Thanks for all the info and help...I spent years experimenting on how to camp comfortably, and spent a lot of money on stuff I really didn't need, but had to try..Getting my info here from people who are more experienced than me will help me tremedously!! Less time and money spent experimenting,and opinions from people who know what is good and bad, unlike some written reports in camping magazines, from people who have only spent a few nights in a hammock and believe that they truly are able to give a opinion..NOT!!..Ok. have a tendency to ramble on..sorry for the long post...thanks again for the help...Rob

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    If you did that good without a pad, you are going to do really well with one. Nice report. Mule
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