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    Repairing rip in bugnet.

    just purchased a used HH and there is about a 3-4 inch rip in the bugnet, right where it is sewn together with the hammock.

    Is this easy to repair? I don't really sew, never have, i was just wondering if it is relatively easy, or would i need someone else to do it.... or is it even important to repair it now? heck, i guess i am just a procrastinator.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatnowmitch View Post
    just purchased a used HH and there is about a 3-4 inch rip in the bugnet, right where it is sewn together with the hammock.
    If it's ripped right at the seam, maybe you could send the hammock to ZQ for a zipper installation?

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    The essential repair is probably no worse than sewing on a button, except that you will probably have to work around corners depending on where it is ripped, the easiest thing is probably to use a curved needle like the kind used in upholstery. The idea is to make a smal rolled hem in the bugnet to keep it from fraying. That is simply a matter of grabbing enuf fabric with the thread that it won't pull out. Then sewing the new hem to the hammock body. Reasonably simple with out a ton of sewing skill _required_.

    However... if you are considering having the zipper mod done to the hammock, I agree this would be an ideal time to do it.

    As to procrastination, that's a tough one. If the bug net will under stress then you need to fix it now before the stress makes the tear worse. If it will not be under stress than you probably don't NEED to fix it except to close the door on the bugs. Without seeing where the rip is it is a little tough to be any more specific. A pic would be helpful.

    The zipper mod is sposed to be a wonderful asset to the hammock. Since I am cutting up perfectly serviceable hammocks to install BEEP* I probably won't have it done. But everyone who has has raved about them.

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