So, after scouring the forums for advice, I was determined to get a hammock hung up indoors today. I'm moving in with my brother, and the room I have is pretty small, about 10 x 10 or so.
In this space I need to fit my computer and desk, my dresser, my guitars, tv, foot locker, and of course, a place to sleep. I decided a hammock was the answer to my conundrum. I didn't want to use a stand, since it would be less space-saving than hanging from the walls or ceiling.
After talking to my dad about it, he had convinced me that it wasn't possible to hang from the walls without pulling the studs out or doing serious damage. I searched the forums and saw several ways to hang, but my dad's advice weighs heavy on me, so I was planning on going with a ceiling hang.
I headed to my brother's place with my brazilian to get a good layout and quickly discovered there just wasn't going to be room for a ceiling hang.
I opted to go for a wall hang, but was nervous about it the whole time. I could hear my dad's voice in the back of my head saying "I told you so..." when I tore down the walls and crashed to the floor.
Long story short, I went with a setup very similar to the one posted by Gary_R in this thread:

My setup isn't as pretty as Gary's but I am confident that it will hold me just fine. I'm a pretty big guy, so I was really nervous on the first test. I haven't had a chance to sleep overnight in the hammock yet, but I lounged in it for a while today and it feels quite solid. I'll be moving my stuff into the room over the next few days and once I'm settled in I think I'm going to love my new arrangement.

Thanks to all the forum contributors that helped me figure this thing out.