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    Spinntex tarp update.

    Had an opportunity to hang under the OES Spinntex tarp during a thunderstorm.
    The home the rain gauge read 0.8". Was setup in a "normal" configuration. Keep everything totally dry. The noise of the tapping of the rain was not bad. Similar to the sound of the rain ripping through the oak leaves. The acorn that hit was loud. Real loud. No marks found on the tarp next morning.
    Noel V.

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    MLD UL Spinntex tarp

    I bought one of the Mountain Laurel Designs ultra light spinntex tarps. It only weighs 4.7 ounces with line/locks attached. And, it was just $70.00. I have had it set up over my Warbonnet Traveler for about two months in my backyard. I have been through more than a dozen hard rains without getting wet. I have not experienced any wind blown rain. Common sense tells me that I would not stay dry in such a small tarp during wind blown rain. Also, you have to set it up just right to get good results. There is little or no room for error. I plan to use it when I do not expect rain and have my hammock set up near a shelter on the Penhoti trail.

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