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Thanks for the replies. Sidewinder, Thanks for the link. I use a resmed brand with the warmed humidifier at home and I love it. But after looking at their website, I found they don't sell one that runs on batteries other than one with a converter that you plug into your vehicle's 12 Volt system. I hate to spend 800 bucks+ just to be able to camp. lol. Have you had yours long? I wonder if insurance will cover the one you linked?
I hear you. It is a lot of money, but your health is worth it. I choose this model because it is the smallest and lightest, I could find. About the size of a Nalgene bottle. I do go without as well. On my longer trips (days>3) I will alternate days using and going without. I might spring for an extra battery but for now most trips I do are within the range of the battery I have. As for insurance, it really depends on what you have and what it covers. I was out of pocket for mine. I've had mine for about 6 months. It is not humidified, but they do offer a type of humidification that I have not yet tried. It's an add on but does not use any additional water other then using your heated breath to moisten the air as you inhale. The technology is called Heat moisture exchange humidification (HME).


It seems a bit complicated and maybe more then I want to deal with. I don't find I miss the humidification when I'm out in the woods. I will try to get some pictures of my set up next time I use it.

I will say that I do sleep better and for longer periods with the CPAP in my hammock. Without it, I find that I wake up every 2 hours and have to water the trees I usually get a solid 6 hours of hammock sleep with the CPAP. It is pricey but my sleep/health is worth it and I enjoy my hammock much better. Compared to how much I spend on my other gear, it's not out of line.