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    Adding a pad sleeve?

    Just traded up to a eno dn from a single nest but feel bad leveing my tried and true SN out in the cold XD so is there anyway I could take my an and add a pad sleeve to a DN? Thought I would consult the people who know best befor I go cuting up my hammock XD
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    I'm doubting that would work.(I have been wrong before though) I would think you would be limited to the narrowest width of a double layer. The excess fabric on the wider would more than likely have a lot of drape to it. And with both hammocks already channeled you would probably have to join the two together at the end seams. That could put a different stress pull on the top layer.

    What I would suggest to experiment with is to lay them both out flat. Put the SN on top. run a (long) channel cord through the DN centered. Then run both ends through the SN crossing each other. At this point you would have 1 line through the DN and 2 through the SN. Carefully draw them together making sure the SN pulls centered into the DN. This should allow you to see how it will hang. If your going to lay in it, I would suggest 7/64 amsteel for your cord since you will basically have 3 going trough the ends it will keep the bulk down and be strong enough to hold you. This also allows you to take them back apart if it doesn't work.

    Whatever you try, I'd like to see pics of it.
    It'll be alright Friday!

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