I decided to do another "practice run" today with my NA. I still have a hard time getting the tarp centered over the hammock. I jumped in and started to hear rain drops in the leaves overhead. Ran in the house to get a book to read and jumped back in. Oh well, the skies opened up and poured the rain. I was amazed at how dry I stayed with one side proped up by trek poles. I'll have to remember to hang a little higher next time. Every time I dozed off my feist would either nose me or hit my back with his tail. He wasn't getting out from under the tarp either. I was amazed at how large of a dry foot print was made by the XL tarp. It doesn't look like it covers much while you are in it but the proof was on the ground after the storm.

I was also skeptical on the hammock support line. The guy lines for the tarp were soaked and dripping but the hammock line felt bone dry. I don't think I will even carry the drip rings that came with it.