Ditto on what Owl said for me. I've got the original silnylon skins on my HH explorer and another set of mesh ones on my tarp. I like the mesh on the tarp as it will let at least a little of the dew stuck on my tarp evaporate during the day. Also, in a big downpour they get wet but don't fill with water so I can shake most of the moisture out in the morning before packing. These serve as my drip loops to keep water from running down my ridgeline (rigged under the tarp).

I like the sil ones to use on my hammock for exactly the opposite reason. I'll leave my hammock rigged but still in the skins if the weather turns nasty and I'm just sitting under my tarp doing dinner or some other chore. It just takes a sec to slide them back and deploy my hammock.

I'd thought about making a slug tube or something similar to bind up my hammock and UQ/TQ. I prefer to not put all my eggs in one basket though. I know this setup would really need to go into some additional layer to keep it totally dry in my pack. I pack the hammock separately from my down quilts. Hopefully if something gets wet in my pack it will be only one piece of my sleep system and not everything. I know this takes longer to setup and break down but I think the extra precaution is worth it.

I've got a lightweight dry bag I bought as a pack liner years ago. It's kind of overkill but if I had a smaller one with the vent this might be an option too. Maybe just tuck the UQ/TQ inside the hammock body and squish the whole thing into the bottom of my pack. Seal the top and squeeze out the additional air and I'm ready to go. This would save me a bit of time and headache in the woods but I'm really in no hurry. Tinkering with my gear is a good portion of the reason I hike/camp in the first place.

Just my $.02