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    Moved to Off Topic?

    When a thread is moved to Off-Topic which is only accessible by donating members in the Round table section (where the cool kids hang out) does the OP get notification , a PM if you will, regarding the thread being moved to a section they possibly will not be able to access with out the donating status?

    I've had a post moved a while back before I was a donating member and I thought i was losing my mind when i couldn't find my post to check for replies...later found it in the donating members cooking section with replies that I'd missed- which ultimately led me to becoming a donating member (money well spent indeed).

    I understand this is done to keep topics strictly for hammocking on the public side of things and to keep things clean and easily moderated but it can be kind of aggravating when you are looking for feedback on something and it suddenly disappears w/o your knowing or you no longer have the ability to check responses since you can't get to it.

    Case in point and what really made me want to point this out...

    Taylo is not a donating member and states upfront his post hasn't to do directly with actual hanging but he asks a pretty important question that i'm afraid he will not be able to see the answer to because the thread has been moved... and I'd hate for his dog to get sick because of it.
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    I didn't move his thread, but the answer is "sometimes". When a new member makes an off-topic post, they almost always receive a PM letting them know and explaining why the thread was moved. More senior members, who know the forum is kept strictly on-topic don't always receive a PM. Honestly, they should already know better.

    With regards to the dog getting sick, that would be terrible. Hopefully Taylo has asked the question elsewhere too, where it would be more appropriate.
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    Toygun - This exact thing just recently happened to me, and I didn't receive any kind of notice at all. At the time I was also not a donating member, and in essence was locked out of my thread.

    After posting an additional thread asking what happened to my original thread, I received an answer from a few helpful forum members, payed my cash, and found my thread in the members only DIY section.

    I personally know how much of a time sink moderating can be, but it would have been a big help -and kept another thread from cluttering up the forum- to know what happened to the first thread. Additionally it would have been a great place to plug all the benefits of becoming a payed member.

    All this would take would be a standardized response from the mods in a PM touting the benefits of the Members Only section, and where the thread has been moved. I for one would love to see this happen so people don't fall into the same pitfall we did.

    And to the mods - thanks for all the hard work, I don't mean to be complaining, it's just at times a little more clarification would be nice so us noobies don't have to keep repeating the same mistakes.
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