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Thread: Rain Setup

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    When I had my tarp attached to my HH I would roll everything up together . I found that if I did it "right" the hammock body istelf was never exposed to the rain. Condensation on the inside was transferred yes... but the hammock actually getting wet from the rain... not that I remember. The hammock body is enclosed in the tarp the whole way. I decided to separate my tarp more for the ability to use the tarp alone as a rain cover rahter than to setup or take down in the rain. The way I can skin the hammock by itself and have it out of the way if I want to play twister under the tarp on a rainy day.
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    Packing up is as much an issue as setting up. Slipping a wet tarp against the hammock with snake skins ensures that the hammock as well as the SS will be wet when you next set up. Stringing the tarp separately and storing it in an outside - drained - pocket lets you keep the rest of the hammock drier. If your hanging lines are attached, as mine are, it is better to keep them outside the stuff sack for the hammock, too. I use polypro webbing, and it holds a bit of water. I SS the hammock body, put that in the stuff sack and wrap the lines around the outside of the sack.

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