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I asked this in another thread but no one replied so I'm going to ask here as well. I'm going to be making the Winter Tarp from plans in this thread. From researching it looks like the Techline is a good option for tarp ridgelines and tie-outs. I'm thinking of going with a continuous ridgline. Does anyone have a ballpark on how much I should buy? Also, is 1.9mm the better choice because it would be easier to splice?
The length would depend on how far apart your trees tend to be, and what sort of continuous line you intend to use. I would think 25'-30' should be plenty for most any system.

If you're going to use Techline, get 1.9mm if you want to splice - 1.2 can be spliced, technically, but you'll be a potty mouth by the time you're done. Also - with Techline, you may find you'll need scrunch back and forth (like an accordion) the area you want to splice with the techline a bit. Zing-It is easier to splice right out of the box - it's a much looser weave than the Techline.