I work at ****'s Sporting Goods and I noticed we have the GT UL Travel Hammock on our website for $21.

I have a monstrously big and heavy bridge hammock (complete set up with tarp is about 3lbs). One of the biggest problems with my bridge is any tarp that covers it effectively has to be enormous. At least 8'x10'. I'm looking for a smaller, lighter, easier to cover option to cut my pack weight.

How flat does the GTUL Travel lay compared to the ENO and some of the other less expensive models out there? Having been spoiled by my bridge from the start, am I going to feel restricted in the GT? My one experience with a gathered end hammock was on a DIY hammock a friend made, and it tended to burrito around you pretty badly.

I've already heard that I should ditch the huge S hooks they include with the thing in order to save weight. Are there other mods I should consider?