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    Quote Originally Posted by Cannibal View Post
    Arrowhead is outstanding. You will have zero issues working with Paul.

    On REI, I'm willing to bet they won't have polyester webbing. They cater to climbers with their webbing offerings and climbers want the built-in stretch of nylon. It acts as a sort of shock-absorber when they do fall. Worse still, I've yet to go into an REI where the folks working knew for sure if what they had was nylon or polyester. I've probably done 60 burn-tests at REIs over the years and have yet to stumble into some polyester webbing.

    Much less hassle to simply order it from one of the vendors. You also won't have to worry about the material, or the quality when ordering from one of the vendors around here.
    You were completely dead on the guys said he wasnt sure, looked in the computer and again said it doesnt really say. So i assume it was nylon.

    So off to check out arrowhead and see if i want to just get the tree straps and use my existing original cord or opt for the whoopie plus marlin spike kit... DECISIONS DECISONS

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    Don't look back I've ordered several times from Paul and he gets it right the first time! Consider getting some dutch product such as a dutchbuckle to go with your poly straps.

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