I am still a noob working out my hammock gear (pay no mind to the pun). I have a 20* Pheonix/Burrow set up and and looking for the best way to insulate my lower legs. The Pheonix is standard length and I am 6'2" tall with about 20 to 22" of leg overhang off he end of the Pheonix. I sleep in a WBBB 1.7 SL.

I am a light weight camper, not ultra light yet, but working on it after many years of traditional backpacking. My base weight is now down around 14#. I like my items to be multi use, hence I went with the Pheonix over the Incubator. I normally carry a zlite sit pad, but it is to small to insulate my legs. My Ospray Exos was comfortable under my legs when using a Thermarest Prolite Plus, but not so with the UQ.

So, I am looking to the collective wisdom found here on HF and in particular, Pheonx users. I would like to know what you use for your insulation and what dimentions work best for you? Do you put your pad in the foot box of your TQ or under it?