Stumbled across this while checking in one of my other hobbies.

Not really for a beginner, but I know some of you have the tools and skills to do this. This is a much more appealing design than the 2x4s and much better looking than my green metal tubing stand. I might be able to call this "furniture" or art and keep it in the house

If I were to do this, I would definitely do it differently.

To get the creative juices flowing...(For the experienced woodworkers)
My thoughts are: if you're going through the effort for bent laminations and forms to create something that is somewhat artistic, why bolt pieces together at the base?

You could just as easily (almost) use a brick layup pattern of short pieces and a band saw to make it one "continuous" piece like a bow front table. You could veneer all sides if you wanted to make it appear to be a continuous piece.

Another option would be to bent lam the curves into a brick layedup base to get rid of the bolts. You would have some grain direction challenges, but thin strips and veneer could fix that or leave it as part of the design element.

Oooooo.....skip the wood....foam core and carbon fiber!!!! Not as "pretty" but the cool factor (and cost) goes up a couple points.