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Pipsissewa, it says 75% down, but there's no way. Maybe it's just a legal CYA thing on the tag, it says "75% minimum down", not actually 75/25. The pillow I cracked open for the quilt I just finished looks at least as clean as the 80% minimum stuff I've handled before. It might not be absolutely feather free, but the feathers that are there are really really tiny, and there aren't many. I mean tiny as in, you'd have to actually spread the down out a bit to be able to spot them in the blobs of down. I don't think it will cause any problems. I don't see any that are the size you'd typically find escaping from your pillow in the middle of the night.
Sounds good, Frost! Thanks for clearing that up. It sounds likes this is still a great deal and will make nice custom gear!

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Off subject: I have never seen an UQ in real life. Is 45" too wide?
NO! That's not too wide! My Arrowhead Equipment Flamethrower down underquilt is 40" x 54". I'm pretty sure it's right in the middle of the pack--size-wise, for a 3/4 length quilt.