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    Poor mans sewing awl - it works :)


    On my backpack I noticed a bad seam on the top lid, one compartment was prone to leaking its contents... The lid has layered compartments, so using a sewing machine could be difficult. The fabric is medium cordura.


    A recent thread on this forum (i belive) mentioned a Sewing awl. I don't have one so I improviced as mentioned in thread. Google found me this example of DIY awl.

    I simply took a smal piece of wood (1,5 inch of broomstick handle), drilled a smal hole and glued a sewing machine needle in the hole.
    Standard sewing machine cotton thread was used.

    Then I "youtubed" how to use an Awl and set off to work on the backpack.


    It worked. Using the instructions it was easy to make a "neat" and strong stich through the cordura. The backpack is operational again.
    My DIY awl is going to have a permanent place in my repair kit It weights next to nothing and is a good tool for field repair of any textile.

    I have slimmed down the broomstick handle

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