I'm extremely fond of my BIAS DL 1.1 oz (best sleep I've ever had in a hammock), but now there's another BIAS hammock competing for my affections. I just got my Weight Weenie 1.1 oz hammock from a fellow forum member. I think this one is 62 inches wide, whereas my BIAS DL is 60 inches wide.

I must say it's the same great lay as my BIAS DL 1.1 oz. However, the single layer of fabric definitely stretches more than a double layer. As I suspected, the little bit of extra stretch doesn't bother me at all, though I could see how it might be disconcerting for some. Since I weigh a mere 165 lbs., I'm not too concerned about exceeding the 250 lb. weight limit.

The hammock came with a Dynaglide fixed ridgeline, but I'm going to replace that with a Zing-It 1.75 mm adjustable ridgeline. I'm just a fan of adjustable ridgelines, even though I hardly every "adjust" the ridgeline once I find my setting.

I originally got the BIAS DL because my other three hammocks were designed for people 6 ft and under. I wanted a longer hammock to loan to my taller friends, with the added versatility of being able to use a pad ('cause I'm not loaning my HG underquilt to anyone).

I immediately fell in love with the comfort of an 11' hammock, and will probably never buy a shorter hammock ever again. The Weight Weenie is a few ounces lighter than my BIAS DL and will probably be my go-to hammock for winter.

Come on, winter! I'm sick of this heat.