As I'm preparing for my 2013 At Thru hike my shelter is the next on the chopping block.
As of now through many hours of searching, reading, watching information on here/youTube I think I have my setup.
But before I make the final checkout i thought id get some insite.

BIAS WWM + SuSpension - 10 oz
Zpack Cuben hex Tarp - 6.5 oz
Papasmurf bugsock - 2 oz

Im going to get a DL with adjustable and knotty mods so I know weight will vary a little (Still waiting for a reply on the total weight of that setup!)

I considered the WBBB but the extra weight isn't worth the shelf to me.
I'm 6' 145 lbs (Can I get a string bean?!?)

Ill be buying a Walmart ccf and doing a hot glue mod to it.
No plans for a uq right now, but 3/4 underground Is probably my choice if I go that route.

I have a REI igneo bag for my hike

Opinions? Something Im mIssing?

Coming frOm a Onelink, this is Exciting!