I was on Craigslist the other day looking for vacuum cleaner attachments, and when I came up without success I typed in...hammock!

I weeded through the average posting of a webbed back yard hammock that folks no longer wanted and happened to see two local listings for the Cub Zips.

My rug rats are 3 1/2 and 5 and I'm soon ready to get them off the ground. I wasn't comfortable letting them overnight in the GTUL's I bought them, and I'm a little to close to my Blackbird's (my other 3 children), so I figured I'd make an offer on these.

Most folks picked them up at no cost when they bought an item last Christmas. For less than one bill I picked up two. One had never even left the bag, and the other had only been used twice because the little girl didn't like it.

Anyhoo, moral of the story...there may be some great deals in your back yard! My rats are chompin' at the bit now!!!!