Hi there list,

I feel like a kid waiting on a very early or belated christmas or birthday present. Or worse a father's day present, although, as far as I know, I don't have any kids (only really adventurous DNA).

Anyway, monday I finally got my tax refund and pulled the trigger.

Yesterday (tuesday) I emailed Adam & Jenny directly since I wasn't sure about international sales and the website software and everything and had some questions too.

Almost before I hit the send button, I got a reply from Jenny.

They had just finished a black 12' cuben winter palace that they could ship directly. WOW!

I had some more questions and the time difference between the States and Europe made me go to bed before being able to answer their last mail. Got up this morning and instead of checking HF first, I checked my mail, a man has got to know his priorities

Yep all questions taken care of, invoice in my inbox ready to be paid which of course I did with lightning speed and now, being wednesday, Jenny & Adam are going to ship my new cuben tarp! Whooooo buddy!

Just wanted to share .... will keep you updated. Thanks again Adam & Jenny! Or Stormcrow and Thorwren ....

Grtz Johan