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Nice video! were you guys hanging in the North East of the Netherlands?
More around this area so, a bit east of central Netherlands

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great report, it was a nice hang on my birthday

looking forward on the next hang
Planning a new one mate!

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loved it! great video.
Thanks, just the first steps into video making...

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Nice to see all of you out in the enchanted forest. Love to hear snoring and rain on a tarp so much.
Did you let YouTube "improve" your video? I think they need to fix that. Makes the titles go weird and things go all swirly.......
Would love to visit the Netherlands someday. One country I have yet to visit.
Thanks Maestro! Not sure if I did let YT 'improve'. Normally I don't. I just need to improve my own stuff

The Netherlands, great little place but you really need to search for places without people and with a bit of nature.

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Thrill seeking is over rated...give me good friends in a wood any day. Thanks, Johan!
Thanks mate...

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Great video, thanks for posting!
Thanks you too. HF is the main inspiration for starting to do video stuff!

Now working on a new video, but in Dutch. More bushcraft/survival course but while the students couldn't use their hammocks, we could

More tips/criticism on what to video or what not etc. are always welcome,either on forum or pm.

Grtz Johan