I recently had my NX-250 hanging in the yard when a sudden thunderstorm threatened. I grabbed the hammock, wadded it up, and headed hurriedly through the door into the house. Unfortunately, it snagged on something and caused a stress tear in the fabric of one of the pockets. There was a hole about a half inch in diameter with some associated fabric damage adjacent. I had heard of tent/fabric repair kits, but I called Clark to get their ideas on what would be the best product to use for repair. Spencer informed me that they will do simple repairs such as this for no cost except shipping, which is not very much more than the cost of a repair kit. I decided to give it a try rather than end up with some cobbled up stick-on (which ultimately always un-sticks). When I got the hammock back, I was delighted and impressed at the quality of the patch. There was patch material, which was the exact same material as the pocket, on both the inside and outside of the damaged area, professionally sewn, and in my opinion is FIXED, not "patched up" if you get my meaning. I caught them right in the middle of their very busy season, and it was still repaired and returned in a timely fashion. It just doesn't get any better than that! Thank you Clark.