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    Dutch Whoopie Hooks aka “All-in-one Suspension” System

    First off I love Dutch’s gear and his customer service is top notch! He is a great guy to work with and is a very innovative dude!

    Questions… please help! I currently own this suspension, but have only set it up 4 times so I am inexperienced with it.

    Items include: two 6’ tree huggers (I asked for longer ones), two 6’ whoopie slings with whoopie hooks fixed on the adjustable loop end.

    I am a backpacker and a hammock is my primary shelter as compared to a tent. Sometimes I do not have the energy or daylight needed to fiddle with the setup. I am looking for quickness/ease of setup. I really like the lightness and versatility of the setup, but…

    1. What do you do when you are setting up between two trees that are less than 12’ apart? (The closest distance I could span would be 10’ roughly.)
    - The hugger loop may not always be right up against the tree?
    - And the whoopies shortest distance is an additional foot or so? That would allow a minimum setup of about 12’-13’. This may not be close enough at times. (I ran into this day 1 on a backpacking trip!)

    2. What do you do when you are wrapping your 6’ tree hugger around a tree that is larger than 2’ in diameter?
    - The whoopie has to become part of the hugger, but this will cause the adjustable part to be nonadjustable, because it’s caught up in the hugger setup?

    3. What do you do when you are wrapping your 6’ tree hugger around a tree that is very small in diameter?
    - Guessing the number of wraps, loop location and height needed is a pain. If you guess wrong, it’s hard to slide the hugger up or down the tree, because you wrapped the hugger around so many times.

    4. I may be able to resolve the less than 12’ hang issue by making two more continuous loops and fixing them to the hugger or hammock, either or.
    - As long as the whoopie hook is fixed to the continuous loop attached to the hammock end. This would allow the hook to attach to the other continuous loop on the hugger.
    - Or... keep the continuous loop on the hammock end and use the Marlin Spike Hitch off the hugger.

    I am new to whoopies, and have only used them 4 times. I apologize if these are dumb questions, but your feedback is very much appreciated! Thanks.

    * I have attached pictures to help with clarification *
    Attached Images Attached Images

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