I am fortunate enough to own three different suspensions system for my "Blackbird DL," my wife's "Blackbird SL" and my "DIY gathered end hammock."

My questions for everyone is… Which do you prefer and why? (buckle vs. hook)

I am an avid backpacker/camper and sometimes I do not have the time, energy or daylight to fiddle with hanging my hammock for 15-30 minutes. I am looking for your opinions and experiences on quickness of setup, versatility, less parts to the system and weight of the suspension system.

I am inexperienced with both suspensions and only have a 6 hangs with them combined.

1. "Warbonnet adjustable webbing strap suspension with biners"
– Works great, easy to set up, but heavy!

2. "Dutch Whoopie Hooks" aka the "All-in-one Suspension system"
– Utilizes two continuous loops (one for each end of your hammock), a pair of 6’ whoopies with 3’ tree huggers (I opted for 6’ for the bigger trees).
– Works great, but can be a pain to set up on trees bigger than 2’ in diameter and trees very small (you have to wrap the hugger around the tree several times and guessing the height of your strap and wraps around the tree can be a big pain!)
- This system however, is the lightest system and is very versatile.

3. "Dutch Buckle Suspension"
– Comes with two 5.5’ tree huggers with a Dutch Buckle attached (acts as the toggle). So far I am favoring this system. It’s an ounce heavier than the Dutch Whoopie Hook Suspension, but its fast, easy to setup and safe with the buckle as compared to a stick (yes, I understand you must keep the whoopie behind the knot when using the “Marlin Spike Hitch”).

* I may purchase some amsteel, make a continuous loop and attach it to the ends of the hammock for those… "Wow, I must tie up between two trees less than 12’ apart situation."

Thank you in advance for your replies!