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    Cycling UK to S. Korea with hammock

    The subject line tells most of the story!

    Here's a link to the blog:

    I'm setting off on Monday 2nd July and you're welcome to follow the trip (and MORE than welcome to give hammock-specific advice) in this thread.

    I can answer all your questions about cycle touring, or so I'd like to think, but hammock-wise I'm a confirmed noob.

    Thanks again to the hammock forummers who've made preparation for this trip all the easier. For example, here's a thread on my amateurish attempt to make a TQ: link

    Another edit: I should probably tell you what I'm using:

    Hammock: WBBB 1.1 dbl - added karabiners to standard straps as the soft shackles I got from Mat, whilst strong, looked like they'd fray.
    Tarp: Zpacks 11x8 cuben - I like.
    UQ: Snugpak - May need extra filling in cold winter but I love it. Less than $100 USD and I can almost make a peapod out of it.
    TQ: DIY based on UKHammocks/others
    Dreamhammock wintersock - used it a couple of nights in the frosty UK spring and it grabbed a lot of condensation but it will stave off death in winter.
    Thermarest for ground sleeping/extra insulation
    Zpacks cuben groundsheet for going to ground

    Other kit (bike, clothes etc.), feel free to ask about in here if you're interested. I'm fairly happy with my kit list but it's an each-to-his-own situation.
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    Sounds like an adventure of a lifetime. Best wishes.

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    WOW! What a great idea.

    I was wondering what else is on your bucket list?

    How long is this going to take you?

    Good luck and have fun.
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    Cheers, chaps

    I'm hoping to make it to Seoul by the spring, where luckily a private academy I used to work for has offered me more work teaching English. From that point onwards, the cycling will stop and the getting fat on outstanding Korean food wil commence.

    The first few days I'm well looked after in the UK, so I won't be camping. Once I get into France, I'll be trying to arrange accommodation on Couchsurfing or Warmshowers (like CS but for cyclists), but the likelihood is I'll be camping. As soon as possible, I'll try to post things on the blog that will be of interest to hammockers.

    If you follow the link to the blog and have patience enough to read, you'll see I often suffered the day after a bad night's sleep in the tent. That, plus my general laziness and opportunism, contributed to a lot of cheating on buses. I hope to avoid that this time.

    A word on the S. America blog: there is the occasional dig at Americans on there, as there probably will be on the new blog. This is largely an 'in-joke' between me and some American cousins and friends, so you majority Yanks on here are encouraged not to take offence!

    Edit: I should have posted this link in the OP but I've also been making a DIY TQ to battle the Asian winter. Link here. It's still not finished!

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    Good luck and I wish I could do that. One of these days I will go back to Europe and hike and bike till my hearts content. and hammock of course....
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    Thanks, Baja.

    OP updated with a kit list.

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    OY...I looked at the proposed route and the first thing I thought was, go north around Afghanistan! Then I started to read...
    Say, have you read The Horse That Leaps Through The Clouds? It may interest you.
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    Yep, I split the planning into either north of the Himalayas or south. South is politically risky and would eventually put me up against the brick wall of Burma, so no choice really.

    I'd love to be able to waltz into Russia and cycle right across it, but visas there are harder to come by for UK citizens than for any others because of recent political bickering.

    Tell me more about the reading you recommended. Link? In return, have a link to the website of a guy I know who cycled the world over four years:

    I'll be following his route from Istanbul onwards, more or less.

    I should also say that, although I'm not doing my ride for charity, anyone enjoying my blog is encouraged to put a couple of dollars towards that guy's cause. He's only (maths...) about $1500USD from his target.

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    Good luck mate! Will be following you.

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    Sounds like a great trip. Good luck!

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