I am thinking of pitching a Maccat deluxe over a HH Expedition. I believe I will want more space and margin for error than the stock tarp. Plus the idea of the sewn ridge line and not needing to run a continuous ridgeline seems nice and simple to me.

If you are not using a CRL how do you adjust or center the tarp over the hammock? I have been looking but haven't found something with sufficient detail that shows knots to tie all 6 lines to the tarp. Knots to tie the ends to the tree and adjust tarp placement and tension, and knots to tie and tension the guylines.

I know there is a billion ways to do this using knots, hardware, and a combination of the two. There are a million different types of line etc. Zing it or just paracord from Home Depot?

I am driving myself a little crazy and maybe being a little too detail oriented - I just want to decide on a first approach, buy what I need to do it and give it a try. However, it definitely seems like the stock tarp with the HH should go as it looks pretty small to me. Others may disagree

I hope this post makes sense.