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Thread: Walmart fabric?

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    Where to buy rip stop nylon has been in business 17 years in Loveland, Colorado and have a wide selection of rip stop nylon fabrics and accessories including zippers, noseeem netting etc.

    I ordered the 1.3 oz silicone coated for the rain fly, and the 1.9 oz coated nylon for the hammock.

    If you find better pricing, let me know.

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    Heath and Newark OH Walmarts got rid of their fabric dept. for almost 3 years. This past spring they started bringing it back to both stores due to all of the complaints. Start complaining, and an email letter campaign sent to headquarters could help a lot. We don't get some of the good stuff that others are finding at their Walmarts, but it's been a slow restock, and I still have hopes.

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    (Hi! DivaB. I used to live in Heath, on Sequoia Ln, off of Dorsey Mill, a long time ago.)

    Here in Central Florida, the fabric departments were gone for several years. They are back now, but are a mere shadow of their former selves.

    The ladies who considered them "My Department" have moved on and the new guys don't have a clue.

    I suspect some knowledge is required to order the ripstop material we like. That knowledge has been lost.

    I keep checking and hoping, but I'm not hopeful.

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