Hi all,

I made a bug net for my hammock similar to Fronkey's instructions in the sticky, but with some slight modifications because I do not have a sewing machine and was tired of trying to convince someone else to sew it for me (was impatient to get it done!)...

Used tulle material from Walmart (cost: $5 and change), and blaze orange duct tape - duct taped the tulle material together and then hemmed the edges of the material with duct tape - for the shock cord channel instead of sewing a channel I took a hole punch and punched a series of holes at spacing of a couple inches all along the duct tape hem on the bottom side of the net and threaded elastic cord through the holes - when you're in the hammock, it keeps the net tight around the bottom and blocks bugs from getting in there.

All in all, it cost $5 worth of material, $3 worth of duct tape, and some elastic and stuff I had lying around. Tested past 2 nights, works good!