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    Cuben Fiber Durability Question

    Was in an outfitter store this afternoon and saw some Cuben fiber dry bags, the kind with the fold-over opening and then the ends buckle to each other. They also had some made of Silnylon, both materials made for bags that were very light and packed really small when empty, but how durable are these materials for this kind of use? My dry bags have a hard life, get beat up a lot...would Cuben or Silnylon be a good choice for this kind of duty? Thanks!

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    I have a few cuben bags of various sizes, one for my El-Mini wood stove, One for my pot, One for my clothes, 2 pouches on each of the shoulder straps, A cuben hammock bag that opens at both ends, 2 cuben tarps, and they are very durable, I even have cuben rain chaps. I also have a bunch of silnylon bags, most of the cuben I have seam sealed if its sewed as its water proof pretty much, 1 tarp has been hailed on and no wear what so ever. I use everything for backpacking. If I was throwing stuff in a canoe however, I would go with the heavier waterproof sea to summit stuff that is moreso rubber coated for durability. I don't baby my cuben and so far is holding up very nicely and will take a beating somewhat, but as far as the bags,,,in my honest opinion don't think they will hold up forever like silnylon might. Maybe some of the other guys on here can chime in their opinions. With cuben you pay for the lightness as its more expensive than silnylon. Check out and,,they make great products in cuben.
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