I have been in the planning stages for a couple months on making a DIY WBBB. I have been carefully plotting and planning, not to mention antagonizing over the expense of fabric. Obviously, I am in debt to TheXringHunt and all the others who come before me. However, I picked up this and related threads earlier and have been completely enthralled- so much so that I am already planning Chrismas presents . I have been thinking that this might just be the perfect source of fabric. I have a DIY gathered end that I made out of ripstop last Thanksgiving for a hang in December, but I have never actually been all that happy with it. The ripstop is too stiff. I love the feel of the ENO DN that my wife and I bought a couple years ago. Furthermore, at half the cost of ripstop, I am thinking that this may be perfect.

Furthermore, the main pieces of fabric for the DIY WBBB are to be 60x123, which is almost the exact dimensions of these tablecloths. That means two giant pieces of fabric I do not exactly have to worry about squaring and cutting, especially since we do not exactly have a spacious place to sew.

Incredibly excited about the potential of a more comfortable fabric and possibly a quicker build time.