So now that I have all the parts, how do I tighten it because the threads don't necessarily go on easy. I'd love any feedback.


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I was lucky enough to join the Jacks from Jacks 'R' Better at Trail Days 2012 and saw first-hand the pipe stand that they used for their demonstrations. The Jack's used 2 in. pipe that was virtually indestructible. I liked it so much that I made my own for my hammock demonstrations. I made mine from 1 in. pipe and it has been working flawlessly. I love it!

This stand packs down and travels much better than my Vario stand and it works perfectly with a tarp.

The Jacks' stand is based on the Speer design from 2004. This is nothing new: there are lots of variants on the forums, but I thought I'd draw up the basic instructions from the Jacks for the benefit of the forum. Take it and run with it!

I wrote up a quick blog post on my website for non-forum traffic.