just priced materials at menards, home depot and local ace hardware..
menards would be about $160, for they do no cutting/threading so you have to buy seperate pieces, local ace hardware..would be about $120, four 10' sections cut into 7' &3' sections with threads and all connections..Home depot would be about $100 for the same.. all this is 1" galvanized or black iron.. now i realize that at 350 lbs i would be pushing the limit but i do believe its doable..i figure the galvanized would last the longest outside and if i really wanted to i could paint it, or add hangers etc. for a yard decoration type thing.. but i mainly want it to do a couple of things
]1) hang hammock and superfly tarp, with 7' sections for uprights and top bar that should be plenty of height and width.
2) to be able to hang my gear over to dry/air out when i get back from a hike and to use it when i do my yearly permethin treatment
3) the afore mentioned yard decoration, with hanging plants etc..even tho i think the hammock and tarp would be just as beautiful..
4) while not lightwieght i can disassemble and put in my truck if i HAVE to go to a campground to hang and hike like in most of the state parks here..
so it looks like next payday this might happen will post pics when i do..