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    Question Eno Pronest suspension?

    I've been thinking about it for awhile, and because I'm going to use this as a day/ lounging hammock on a backpacking trip I was going to go with the ENO Pronest. As I need it to be as light as possible and wanted to go with an ENO, I figured this would be my best option.

    Was wondering if you could help me out. I know that the SlapStraps are basically garbage, and all the options out there are kinda overwelming!

    I'm looking for something that's not too expensive and is pretty simple for a n00b such as myself.



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    Yes, WAY too many options

    Here are two options that I find pretty fast and straightforward (e.g., easy learning curve).

    1. For simplicity sake, I'd recommend the Kammok Python Straps ($29) with a pair of climbing carabiners. The Python Straps offer 18 daisy chain loops for lots of adjustability. Just wrap the strap around the tree, thread the strap through the eye loop, and then clip the hammock with the carabiners (I believe the ProNest already comes with some nice carabiners, so just the straps and you're set!).

    2. For a lightweight option, I really like the DutchWare Whoopie Hook set ($39). This set comes with two (2) continuous loops of Amsteel that you thread through the hammock's end channels. The Whoopie Hooks are attached to Whoopie slings and webbing strap. Take the hook/sling/strap suspension and wrap the strap portion around the tree and thread the Whoopie sling/hook side through the strap's eye. Clip the Whoopie hook to the Amsteel loops in your hammock. It's actually a very simple and easy solution. You adjust the length using the Whoopie sling.

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    Thanks for the idea, I will have to consider both those options. You're a HUGE help!

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