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    Another weekend on the KTM

    A buddy and I headed up towards Brevard from Georgia.
    We had lunch just short of Brevard and then headed our separate ways; I had to meet my architect, while my buddy headed on to Blueridge Motorcycle Campground.

    He got there early and got set up (on my former wrecked bike that he rebuilt)

    When I finally left my architect's house . . . I went to play on some national forest roads

    Finally got to the campground and was able to hang in my favorite spot

    It got awfully crowded at the campground; so the next morning, we packed up and headed north (towards my place in the mountains north of Asheville).
    Lots of lovely riding on little-known mountain roads. I should have taken more pics, but . . . the riding was too good.

    Dropped our stuff off in my shop. Then rode out for munchies. Came back to enjoy the cool mountain weather.

    And I recently had a neighbor of mine do some clearing work out behind my shop; so my buddy and I headed out there to enjoy some cold beer.

    You'll notice that those trees are spaced pretty well for a few hammocks.

    Then this morning, on our meandering route back to Georgia, I had to stop by the arboretum to get a picture of the KTM in front of my sculpture.

    Spectacular riding, great weather, comfortable sleeping.
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