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    Converting Hennessey scout to side zip

    Well, started this project last night and already separated one side. Took apart an old tent in had laying around that had zippers long enough for each side. Right now only doing one side as he has scout camp within two weeks. If I get one side done fast enough then I might do the other side. Anyone have close up pics of how the end looks that unzips completely apart sews together? Do I need 3 zippers on each side? I'll get progress pics as soon as possible. Thanks

    Hopefully I don't screw his hammock up or he'll be using my wbbb:'( lol

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    My DIY skills are lacking so I went the 2QZQ route with the zipper install. I can tell you they do first rate work but your option should work fine too. I have the mod 3 I think (one long zipper down my right side with 2 zipper pulls. This works great for me and even though being able to totally pull the netting loose would be nice, it wasn't worth the extra money at the time.

    For a kid going to camp I think I'd just add a zipper to one side a call it a day. My netting has enough slack that I can flop it out of the way and lay in my hammock with it totally open. In FL though it's almost always buggy enough I sleep enclosed in the netting. It is nice to have the top open for a quick afternoon nap or just lounging though.

    Good luck...I almost gave up on hammocking until I saw the zipper mod while hiking the AT. Being able to enter/exit from the side and partially remove my netting is like getting a totally new hammock.

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