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    Question Putting up tree huggers

    Hey all just ordered supplies to make my own tarp and whoopie sling, marlin spike hitch, suspension. I was wondering about a few options to put my tree huggers up. I was thinking about either amsteel blue softshackles or just threading the webbing thru the loop in the end. Any thoughts on the safty of these two methods would be great!
    Thanks everyone

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    Here is my carefree system. My tree huggers have a sewn loop on each end. A Dutch clip is sewn into one of them. The adjustable loop of my whoopie is sean into the other loop. On the fixed eye of the whoopie is a Dutch whoopie hook. This hook attaches to a continuous loop of Amsteel that is larks headed onto my hammock. (It would go through the end channel on that type of hammock).

    There are a few hidden advantages to this system. First of all, the lightweight hardware makes deployment quick & easy.

    You can still put a Marlin spike in the tree strap and pull the adjustable end of the whoopie up over it for a shorter hang. For an extremely short hang, bypass the whoopie altogether and hook the continuous loop over the Marlin spike.

    Another advantage is that your whoopies and tree straps are all one piece and can be left on attached to the hammock. Less chance of leaving a tree strap on a tree. However, if the suspension is wet or has sap on it, you can unhook it at the whoopie hook and store it separately.
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    Tree straps with a sewn loop in one end works well. They are plenty strong. I think most who use marlin spike hitch system just thread the loop. Its been working for me for three years now.
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    Dutch clips sewn into the loop works well for me. Climbing rated caribiners are a a good, but heavier option if you want things quick and simple. Threading through the sewn loop is definitely the lightest option, but I know, since it needs to be detatched from the hammock, I'd end up leaving it in a tree somewhere. If you do go with just loops, sans hardware, go with about a 3" loop. The small loop on the WBBB is tougher to thread and adjust. I have no opinion on soft shackles.

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    I use the marlin spike hitch and recently got dutch buckles in place of threading the straps through the sewn loop ends. I do note that Dutch recommends not centering the buckle on the tree and pulling directly out with the weight but to rotate the buckle to the side and allow the weight to cinch the straps down onto the buckles. Not having the suspension centered on the tree misaligns now with my tarp, so I haven't thought this through yet.

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