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Wow, Lots of great suggestions from everyone. Made it very hard to choose just one...so screw it, we picked two.

So the winners are Loneoak and PuckerFactor

Loneoak with his suggestion of Picknic Hammock Will carry over to the Regular Size 58"x10'
And PuckerFactor's suggestion for the Kitchen Sink Will become the Large "everything and everyone fits into a Kitchen Sink" 90"x10'8"

I will be PMing each of you about picking a color for your prizes.

Thank you all for putting so much thought and creativity into your suggestions. This has been fun for us hope you all enjoyed.

I also want to throw out a big thank you to PapaSmurf for all of his work on first locating a source for a new and unique fabric for all hammocker kind to enjoy. His time and effort to source and test the Crinkle Taffeta blanks stands alone as a wonderful testament to his efforts to make great gear available to all hangers to enjoy. Without his work we would not be able to add these two fun new options to our line up. I hope that we can add to the options available thanks to his work, and I would implore everyone to check out the hammocks and gear that he has available at Dream-Hammock.com
I want to add a DangerBird to my collection

Thanks Paul. I checked with my wife ( she is at the hospital right now, waiting with her sister to see if her sister's ankle is broken ) but I was able to get her on her cell. She said Red sounded good to her. I sent you a PM with my address.
Thanks again for the chance to own a new Picknic Hammock. Looking forward to checking it out.